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Thank you for getting ClickTraffic.

You’ve made the right choice so far on everything that you’ve purchased, you’re on your way to be using superior FB ads and CPA tactics that will EXPLODE your results.

I have something special for you, it’s completely optional but I highly recommend it.

It’s not required to make ClickTraffic work, but it sure as hell works better with this.

Point is - This upgrade is OPTIONAL, but recommended.

So what is it?

What am I offering you here?

Well, one of the biggest requests I’ve ever received was:

“I Know The Starting Budget Is Very Low, But I’m Really Short On Funds And I Need Wiggle Room For Mistakes, Is There A Way To Start WITHOUT A Budget?”

Short answer - YES.

Although - not in the way you would think.


You see, there is NO way to make FB ads free.

We already made them cheap enough by doing the correct targeting and the correct everything but there is absolutely no way to make them free.

However, there is a way to fund the ads, without money from your pocket, using a very cool, very simple, SIDE CASH method that takes just minutes of work per day.

Now I’ll be honest with you...

I Wasn’t Planning On Sharing This - But It Just Makes
Sense As An Upgrade To Further Help You

It’s just a way I discovered along the road that helped me fund all sorts of projects, softwares ive developed, graphic design, ADVERTISING and so forth.

And It’s kind of just my personal method.

But, I was looking for ways to make the method easier for you after having received many requests about it, and decided to release my method.

I went ahead, and created the perfect, step by step, copy me method.

And then, you simply re-invest that money.

This way, you can focus on the ads, play with them, pay bills. DO WHAT YOU WISH.

It Is DIFFERENT From ClickTraffic, But It Helped Me Get
Fast Funds - I’m Talking FROM TODAY..TO TONIGHT.


Sure, It’s not ClickTraffic or part of the system, but it takes just a few minutes of work per day and it pays well.

It’s also a simple process of using text I give you and posting it in the relevant places, and then earning a commission from an untapped network.

Allows getting started with ClickTraffic FASTER and with ZERO Risk & easier scaling.

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of my method

  • No PAID TRAFFIC in this method
  • NO arbitrage
  • VERY quick payouts
  • Copy paste text I give you
  • Quickly fund ClickTraffic and earn $30 - $100/day

I REVEAL Everything & Share ALL Of My
Resources & Steps (ALL FREE)

This is a standalone method, I went ahead and created and shared everything you need to know to succeed with this and get quick cash.

I’m sharing my resources, which are free.

I’m sharing my results, my go to places, where I get the traffic and how to monetize it.

And best of all, how to see results as soon as TODAY.

This is an optional upgrade but a recommended one, because I know so many people need it and have asked for it already.

Are you ready to get started with ClickTraffic at 0 risk and also add a $50 - $100/day to your bottom line?

Upgrade now:

YES IT’S TRUE: Also Add $50 - $100/Day To Your Bottom Line

And hey, even if you don’t end up using ClickTraffic or you just need quick cash, this method allows it.

End of the day it’s just a way to make fast income - and what you do with the money, is YOUR choice.


More Info About The Method:

Well I don’t want to give away the farm, but I bet you’re curious and want to hear more about it

  • This Method Is ALL About FREE Traffic & Free Resources - NOTHING To BUY  - We use free networks and just post text and collect commissions, that’s it!
  • Takes 45 - 90 Minutes Per Day (The More You Work, The MORE You Earn) - It’s very manual and it’s like a job, but it gets you paid from home and fast.
  • The more you work, the more you perform this method, the more you’ll get paid.But even just 45 minutes per day can earn you a full time income.

I’ll Share EVERYTHING, From Getting Started To Automation, And It’s VERY Simple As WELL!

Nothing will be hidden or left out, I’ll go in depth into everything and I’ll give you things to copy paste for you to follow.

It’s really that simple.

So are you ready to learn what it is, DIVE straight into it, and see results as soon as today?

REMOVE The Risk & Jump Straight To The MAXIMUM
Potential Of This Method TODAY:

And you also don't want to forge that...

You’re Covered By Our 100% Refund Policy.

This is very simple.

I don’t like games, or scams.

I like honest marketing and honest customers.

If you upgrade to this Quick Start upgrade, then the same policy as we have on the base product applies.

REMOVE The Risk & Jump Straight To The MAXIMUM
Potential Of This Method TODAY:

Speak soon, 

Andrew Naser

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