There was a 14-year-old kid.


Life was good and all, he went to school, got good grades, had friends.


But that all changed when his parents divorced.


He ended up living in hotels, & often times didn't know where the next place he would stay was.


His parent quickly ran out of money & went into debt because the hotels were very expensive.

He had no idea where he was going to sleep at night because his parent that had no money.


His parent had a bad back & had their reputation destroyed by a lunatic, so they couldn't get a job.


This kid had no idea where his next meal would come from.


He was so desperate, he ended up googling "how to make money online" and started reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad & Think and Grow Rich.


He was completely obsessed with it.


At one point he had a panic attack and got a knife from the dining room of the hotel because he wanted to kill himself.


He did not tell his parent.


He put it down on the desk inside of the hotel room right next to his laptop and was ready to stab himself.


He luckily didn't.


He left the knife on the desk and went to sleep.


He ended up waking up finding the knife missing from the table.


He asked his parent if he took it away, and he said no.


He told him that he was considering stabbing himself to death with that knife.


His parent was shocked and thought nothing of the knife because it was right next to a dirty plate of food.


He asked his parent again if he really didn't move it, and he again confirmed that he didn't move it.


The knife literally disappeared from the room, out of nowhere.


Life continued on, and his parent went into even more debt but he did find a way to get hotel rooms for cheaper.


In this time, the kid learned as much stuff as he could about sales, and was interested in making money online.


And that's what he did.


He started to make enough money online where HE could start providing for the expenses at only 16 years old.


And the breakthrough came right at the time where he and his dad were around 3 days away from being out on the streets.


He started to generate as much as $2,000 in one day.


You might have guessed it already, but that kid was me.


All of the stuff that happened to me was horrible and is rare to happen to someone who came from a middle-class family from the USA.


Although it is becoming more and more common due to the wealth gap in this country, this is just a fraction of what's shaped me into a six figure earner online.


But it was a blessing in disguise, as I would've just gotten a 9-5 job and would have NO freedom if this didn't all happen.


What is the main thing to learn from this story?


When life puts you in a difficult situation, it often forces you to take a path that's a rather bit different, but it often ends up being a more rewarding path.

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