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Hi there...



It’s Richard Butler here with my friend Saul Maraney...

You're most likely on this page because you're interested in making more commissions with affiliate marketing.

But let me ask you a question...

Has your internet marketing journey gone as planned? 

My story is probably a lot like yours.

I tried everything you could think of...


  • Surveys… I could make more begging on the street
  • Ecom… Too many moving parts - No thanks!
  • Facebook ads… I invested thousands, and got ZERO in return
  • MLM… Only the people at the top make money


And you name it, I probably tried it more than once even after I failed.

Most Days I Would Find Myself Wasting Time, Energy, And Money... 


Then one day, I stumbled upon a course that I thought would change everything.


I was drawn in because it showed me how to make money online by leveraging others products.

Little did I know, there was a huge missing piece of the puzzle.


But... the course detailed exactly what I needed to do... Finally, something legit!

It showed how to get free traffic by posting your affiliate links on Facebook.

I had created posts, images, even videos to help promote my affiliate links on Facebook, but as soon as I posted that link I saw this;

"You can't share this link"

So I bought a software that would "cloak" the links.

The issue?


It sometimes worked, but FB eventually caught on and blocked my links


The software was WAY harder than it should've been to operate.

The software was as slow as a snail and was taking away my valuable time

I then contacted support, asking them what was wrong...

I was told that the software wasn't working well because my current WordPress theme was not 'compatible' with it.

What a joke!

But it didn't stop there! - I then saw this error message when I tried to change the theme of my WordPress website...



I was at my wit's end and almost gave up...

I couldn't believe that a problem this small was preventing me from making the money I desired online.

I KNEW that if I could solve this issue, I could make good money online.

I was in dire need for a solution that would finally allow me to post my affiliate links on Facebook for free traffic...

There were a few requirements though...

  • It had to be easy to use... I was tired of complicated software, and needed something that was easy to operate
  • It had to work every time… I was sick and tired of my links being blocked sometimes, and needed something that would work every single time.
  • It had to work with any affiliate network...  What good is a software that doesn't work with your existing affiliate network?
  • It couldn't require a huge investment... I did not have thousands of dollars laying around that I could use.
  • It had to require minimal setup time... With a full time job I had a lack of time.

After searching for a solution that was not there, I realized...

The solution wouldn't be there unless I set out to make the solution MYSELF...

However, I'm no coding expert, so I decided to hire a top WP developer to make the software for me.

Originally, my partner Saul and I were going to use this for ourselves, but we've decided to share it with public after discovering how game-changing it is.

With our brand new, easy to use WP software, you can post your affiliate links on FB without them ever being blocked again, so you can start earning affiliate commissions! 

And you can get access to this software starting right now...



WP Quick Promote

  • Works on any WordPress site
  • This software is compatible with any theme 
  • Prevents FB from blocking your links - guaranteed!
  • Traffic & affiliate training is included inside at no extra cost...
  • You won't mess up your WordPress site installing this plugin
  • Even a 5 year old could use this software with ease

Here's What's Included Inside Of



WP Quick Promote Software

You'll get instant access to the WP Quick Promote software - it'll work with any theme and all of your existing plugins...



Step-By-Step Plugin Installation Video Training 

Do you have no idea how to install a WordPress plugin? No problem, because we are going to show you step by step how to install and configure the software.



Affiliate & Traffic Training At NO Additional Cost

Worried about how you are going to generate traffic and how to make money from affiliate markeintg? No worries, use our affiliate & traffic training to start generating commissions as soon as today...



Access To A Dedicated Facebook Group

Do you have any questions regarding the software? We've got you covered with our Facebook group.


What Real People Have To Say About


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Start Crushing It In 2019 And Beyond
Using WP Quick Promote...


Works On Any WP Site

WP Quick Promote Is Compatible With Any WordPress Site... 


Bonuses Are Included For FREE To Use In Your Promotions

No bonuses to use in your promotions? No problem! We have you covered...


Create Stunning Affiliate Promotions In Less Than 30 Seconds

These are proven to generate you endless commissions...


Prevent Facebook From Blocking Your Affiliate Links

WP Quick Promote will prevent FB from blocking your links... Guaranteed!


Easy To Use

WP Quick Promote doesn't require any kind of fancy tech skills & will work for you, even if you're a complete newbie.


It Won't Mess Up Your WordPress Site

Unlike most plugins out there, WP Quick Promote will NOT mess up your WP site...


Works With Any Theme

WP Quick Promote works with every WordPress theme out there.


Traffic & Affiliate Training Included At NO Extra Cost

Unlike most plugins out there, WP Quick Promote will NOT mess up your WP site...


WP Quick Promote Works With Any, And EVERY Affiliate Network Out There...


Here's Why You Need WP Quick Promote Right Now...


This a software that we are currently using ourselves...


We never intended to sell WP Quick Promote, but instead kept it for our own private use.

But it turned out to make a huge difference in our lives, and we realized it was time to help other struggling marketers have their breakthrough online.


However, this is not something where you can push a button, and get rich overnight...

But if you are looking to leverage the power of social media, then our proven software is guaranteed to prevent Facebook from blocking your affiliate links.

No fake commission screenshots, no B.S.

That's what makes WP Quick Promote different - It's time to put an END to Facebook blocking your affiliate links.

And you also don't want to forget that...

You won't be paying for WP Quick Promote...

Yes, that's right - you won't be paying for WP Quick Promote...

The commissions it'll generate will pay it for you.

Plus, there's no risk. That's because...


You're Protected By  
Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee...

We don’t want anything to stop you from getting WP Quick Promote right now.

This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and it will work for you regardless of your background, your skills, or your online experience.

That’s why we’re going to ELIMINATE all of the risk and give you a full 30 days to make sure WP Quick Promote is for you.


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Still On The Fence?
Not Sure If  WP Quick Promote Is For You?

If you answer "yes" to any of the following, you need WP Quick Promote...

1. You're tired of struggling with affiliate marketing and you want to put an end to it right now

2. Your affiliate links are blocked by FB, no matter what cloaking software you use

3. You want something that doesn't take up too much time

4. You are having trouble creating affiliate promotions on your own

5. You don't know how to create an affiliate promotion 

6. You know how to create affiliate promotions, but don't have the time.


Still Not Convinced?

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  • Step By Step Newbie Training
  • Made By A Top W+ Vendor
  • Easy To Follow 
  • Jam Packed With Value
  • Training Is In Video Format 
  • Over An Hour Of Training 

Ready To Start Making Commissions?

This is your chance to finally have your breakthrough by ending your online struggle.

Right now, you have the opportunity to get access to a software for a one time investment that's guaranteed to prevent your links from being blocked on FB.

...it's not going to mess up your WP site.

...you don't need to change your WP theme.

...and you don't need to be a coding genius to use WP Quick Promote.

The time to begin is now...

We'll see you inside!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WP Quick Promote?

WP Quick Promote is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for creating sexy affiliate promotions in less than 3 minutes.

So that you can get:

  • More commissions...
  • Higher conversions...
  • And more success online!

It will work with any Wordpress website & theme, and won't break your website.

No more dealing with Facebook blocking your affiliate links!


 Does it really take only 30 seconds to prevent FB from blocking your affiliate link?

Yes, that's no typo - you can watch me do it in this video:

 Is there a limit to how many affiliate promotions you can create?


Unlike a lot of other software's out there, WP Quick Promote does not limit the number of affiliate promotions you make.


 Is there any kind of guarantee?

Yes. You are protected by our 30-day money back guarantee

If you don't like WP Quick Promote for any reason we'll give you every penny back, as long as you let us know within 30 days.

We know WP Quick Promote works, and that's why we're offering this type of protection.


 Does this only work with certain affiliate networks?


WP Quick Promote is compatible with every affiliate network out there...


 Are there any monthly charges?


A one-time investment gets you in for life...


 I'm ready to buy Richard, how do I get a copy?

All you need to do is click the button below to get a discounted copy of WP Quick Promote for just a one-time-investment...


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